100% Parties

100% Parties started at The Silent Barn, as a way to work with every kind of artist within the space.

We started with 100% Dinos, which featured dino burlesque by Angora Peaks, Sam Mickens playing an electric rendition of the John Williams theme to Jurassic Park, Jo Firestone hosting Bullsh*t History: Dino Edition, dino erotica, a paleontologist, a dino film expert, a paper mache volcano that spurted soju shots, dino cookies, dino jewelry, dino costumes, a green screen dino photo zone.
We then did 100% Robots, 100% Outer Space (twice!), and 100% GoT.
Our goal was to always have artists, scientists, merch, and totally surprising elements inspired by the theme.

100% Dinos
100% Robots
100% Outer Space
100% GoT
100% Outer Space II

A little in the news:
100% Dinos in Brokelyn
100% Robots in Brokelyn
100% Outer Space in Brokelyn