The Brick

The Brick is a home for a variety of creators, sincere weirdos, non-commercial generators, engaged communities and glorious messes. We hope to keep it going as long as we can do so responsibly, generously and untethered to corporate evil.

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I attended shows at The Brick upon moving to NY in 2004.

In 2010, Michael Gardner did a show at Incubator Arts Project directly before Title:Point’s FIELD 309.

In 2015, Title:Point presented their first production in the space – Never Odd Or Even.

In 2017, Title:Point presented their second production in the space – Chroma Key.

In 2018, Title:Point presented their third production in the space – Post:Death.

In 2019, Title:Point presented their fourth production in the space – Sleeping Car Porters.

In the midst of all these productions, me and Michael became friends, he invited me to join the curation team at The Brick, and The Exponential Festival started to curate productions for January performances starting in 2016.  

I also hosted a NYE birthday party for Brady Blevins and the wedding party of Dale Buchheister and Rachael Margolies at The Brick.  

In 2019, after much conversation, consideration, lease-signing, board-voting, etc – I began preparations to take over as Artistic Director on January 1, 2020.

I hosted ?!:New Works at The Brick in July 2019.

The Board of Directors voted in new members in September 2019.

Abigail Entsminger, me and many friends renovated the space in December 2019.

NYE 2019/2020 marked the launch of the new look, new team, new vibe.

I am joined by Ryan William Downey, Travis Just, Harrison David Rivers, Yuki Kawahisa, Nicolas Norena, Teresa Braun, Justin Linville, Phil Hartman, Alyse Lamb in making the magic 2020 and beyond.

We are committed to providing space for all kinds of deeply strange weirdos, non-commercial enterprises, joyful gatherings, eclectic communities, and vital events.