Officially, Title:Point was formed in 2006.

In 2005, I wrote and directed Q and Y: A Brief Comedy About Death and presented it in the basement of The Drama Book Shop…  because I was deeply depressed after wrapping a year of doing a Foreman play as “introduction to NY” and not wanting to do hot takes on Shakespeare and terrible concept shows with total strangers.

Morgan von prelle Pecelli saw that show and said, essentially – Do it again and make some changes PLUS write something new and do a residency at The Ontological in the summer!

Thus, Samara Naeymi and I met at Roebling Tea House (RIP) and created a company:  Title:Point.  We wrote a mission statement and everything!

After that, Samara, Fil Vocasek and I made some ambitious magic.  Full concept, full design, fully weird in ways we did not even get then.

In 2008, Samara and Fil left Title:Point to pursue pursuits that were more in-line with their vibes.

I was like – Well this is what I DO.

(On top of always working full time in non-art jobs for $$$) 

Title:Point kept boiling and creating and then, in 2008-ish, I met Ryan William Downey at The Strand. Working, not shopping. CLASSIC.

Technically, I sorta helped hire Ryan.  But also, it was the terrible employee bathroom line that hung out near the theater section of the store, that really helped bring us together.  That and the writing group that I had started with the boyfriend of my 2nd NYC roommate… 

Times change, but so many things endure.  2010-2024 has been Theresa and Ryan collaborations as Title:Point.

2013-2016 Title:Point was part of Silent Barn.

2016-2020 Title:Point ran Vital Joint, the “best murder basement in Brooklyn” (ATM)

History of full production:
-2005/2006 – Q & Y: A Brief Comedy About Death (writer/director) (Drama Book Shop and Parish Hall)
-2007 – Judith Malina/Brecht/Sophocles Antigone (director)
(Drama Book Shop and Ramaz High School)
-2007 – JourneyPath: An Experiment in Rightness (writer/director)
(Ontological/Incubator Arts Project)
-2008 – Mythic Figurations (performer)
(Ontological/Incubator Arts Project)
-2009-2010 – FIELD 309 aka Untitled Office Play (writer/director)
(Drama Book Shop, Dixon Place – both locations, Ontological/Incubator Arts Project)
-2011 – Gradient Haircuts (writer/director) (Housing Works Bookstore Cafe)
-2011-2012 – Destructo Snack, USA (co-writer/performer) (Dixon Place and Ontological/Incubator Arts Project)
-2013 – Q & Y: A Brief Comedy About Death (writer/director) (Silent Barn – Manhattan Room and CSAA)
-2013 – Salish (co-writer/performer/director) (Hunter College and Silent Barn – Manhattan Room)
-2013 – Destructo Snack, USA (co-writer/performer) (Silent Barn – CSAA)
-2014 – Everything Of Any Value (co-writer/director/performer) (Panoply Performance Lab, Silent Barn – Manhattan Room, Gravesend, AS220)
-2014 – The Mind King (director) (Silent Barn – CSAA)
-2015 – Never Odd Or Even (co-writer/director) (Pilot Balloon, HB Studio and The Brick)
-2015/2016 – Biter (Every Time I Turn Around) (director) (Silent Barn – CSAA)
-2017 – Chroma Key (director) (NACL, HB Studio and The Brick)
-2018 – Everything Of Any Value (co-writer/director/performer) (The Parlour)
-2018 – Post:Death (co-writer/director) (The Brick)
-2019 – Sleeping Car Porters (performer) (Target Margin Theater’s The Doxsee and The Brick)
-2020 – Periscope (co-director) (Out of an Abundance of Caution on Twitch)
-2021-22 – Mandatory Hypnosis (writer, director, actor) and Blood Polaroid (co-writer, co-director, performer) (Film Projects)
-2022 – RecursiveCast (technically Theresa not T:P – voice actor) (Exponential Festival YouTube)
-2023 – Arrow of Time (technically Theresa not T:P – voice director) (Exponential Festival YouTube)
-2023 – Split bill with Cameron Stuart – Vivian Oblivion (director) (Brick Aux)
-On the horizon?! Untitled Chad Kaydo Play (director), Emphasis Mine (director), MASH (performer, co-writer), Circle of Guillotines (co-writer/director)
***Mingled with monthly salons, Gestating Babies, durational readings of novels, Night Market trucks, CATCH, Little Theater, Fresh Ground Pepper.

Title:Point photography by Walter Wlodarczyk, Jose Miranda, Cameron Kelly, Jennifer Luck.
Title:Point show posters by Mark Toneff.