Title:Point’s SalON! w/ CATFOX

SalOn! first happened in August 2014 in Gravesend Recording Studio in Silent Barn. Over the years, SalOn! played host to writers, musicians, poets, scientists, theater-makers, performance artists, chefs, comedians, activists, theologians, dancers, filmmakers, visual artists and more! It is a real vibe.

It was inspired by a few important people:
Jane Beachy did salons before moving to NY, but then did one with our writing group, The Onanists, in her living room. This must have been 2005? 2006? It ruled. It was so warm, welcoming, odd… FUN.
Tom Picasso was working on a project and needed a deadline. We met at Think Coffee on 4th Avenue in May 2014 and we decided to do an event based on what Jane had done way back when – Tom’s would not be the only performance, thus removing the pressure and we would have a host and it would be … FUN. We set August as our deadline.
CATFOX aka Catrin Lloyd Bollard agreed to host! Initially with me. But after the first SalOn! I realized I am not a host and I would rather run the tech and do that side of things. CATFOX then went on to host them all!
Ryan William Downey and Scott M Ries were at nearly every SalOn! helping to make our bonkers plans possible.
Dale Buchheister did his first presentation on proper ways to slice an onion and was such a hit, he came back to nearly every SalOn! as our resident chef. He always went longer than 15 minutes, but he also often gave people food… so, it balanced out.
Peter Mills Weiss became a fixture, as well. The ultimate closer. Peter did more SalON!s than anyone other than CATFOX. And it was always exactly what we all needed, every time.
Walter Wlodarczyk began as an attendee, then one-off presenter and then started a monthly presentation of photos that blew minds outta skulls every time.
Blake Bolan moved back to NY after the first SalOn! and helped out on so many levels, including eating whipped cream covered cake that I pulled out of my pants after working tech for 3 hours.


***All SalOn!: I Am A Beast With Eyes On All Four Sides at JACK photos by Walter Wlodarczyk
***All SalOn! visual art by Mark Toneff

***SalOn! Presenters***
Peter Mills Weiss
Walter Wlodarczyk
Dale Buchheister
David Pym
Caitlin Bebb
Blake Bolan
Julia Mounsey, Tim Platt
Wendy Carlos Williams
Mia Schachter, Theresa Buchheister
Boom Bat Gesture, Hannah Kallenbach, Sarah Graalman
Abby Entsminger, Adam Endres, Emilyn Kowaleski
Aron Cantor, Dave Kadden, Garlan Jude, MadMenoftheMountain/Harold Lehmann, Kegan Zema, Kevin Chen, Master Lee
Adam Kruckenberg, Cameron Stuart, Celia Muller, Clara Pagone and Timothy McCown Reynolds, Danielle Aziza, Egregious Philbin, Ezra Reaves, Jill Melanie Wirth, Justin Anselmi, Kate Mohanty, Nic Adams, Nick Walther, Pioneers Go East Collective, Poppy Liu, Sarah Matusek
Allison Brainard, ANIMALS, Brian Lady, Brian Nunes, Carter Cathcart, CJ Holm, Dan Howell, David Deblinger, David Shull, Deepali Gupta, Dora Naughton, Drew Weinstein, Emily Calderalo, Ethan Gould, Jaboukie Young-White, Jaime Wright, Jose Maria Rivera Jr., Laura Ornella, Lorelei Ramirez, lumberob (and dan), Maritza Montanez, Mark Vigeant, MARTHA/Ursala Kennedy, Merritt Christensen/Darby Dyre, Nick Robideau, Ryan William Downey, Scott Johnson, Seth Timothy Larson, Steven Laing, Title:Point, Tom Picasso
Aaron Rodriguez, Adam Chase, Agustin Lopez, Alaina Stamatis, Alex Clothier, Aman Gill, Amanda Goodman, Ana Miren San Millan, Andres Govea, Angora Peaks, Anna Reichert, Annachristie Sadler, Annalee Fannan, Arthur Esra Tavish, Audrey Hailes, Austin Purnell, Benjamin Stopek, Billy Mullaney, Bob Laine, Brenda Leff, Brian Fiddyment, Brian McCorkle, Bubba, Calvin Alden, Cameron Kelly, Chris Carlone, Chris Georges, Chris Lee, Conrad Rothbaum, Cristina Pitter, Dan Veksler, Dang!, Darian Dauchan, David Goldstein, David Grollman & Colleen McCarthy, Deborah Wallace, Dirk Homan, Ducky L’Orange, Eileen Stevens, Elinor Vanderburg, Eliza Bent, Emily Scott, Emma Jay, Eric F Avery, Esther Neff, Ethan Schmid & Lena Schmid, Frank Ortega, Future Husband, G. Lucas Crane & Pam Finch, Gautam Nikolai Kansara, Geraldo Mercado, Glace Chase, Ilana Stuelpner, Irene Morales, Jaime Lutz, Jamie Ruddy, Jarvis Earnshaw, Jeb Bolan, Jeff Seal, Jen Plaskowitz, Jeremiah Kipp, Jess Napier, Joe Hendel, Jonathan Wood Vincent, Kate Giessel, Kim Davies, Kirstin Kapustik, KY DENKI, Kym Bernazky, LeAnne Russell, Lorene Bouboushian & Ayana Evans, Louise Mittleman, Maia Karo & Sophie Thunberg, Marcia Belsky, Marita Isobel Solberg, Mark Toneff, Matt Albani, Mae Burke, Meagan Meehan & co., Michael Gardner, Michael Sheffield, Miranda Huba, Miss Eaves, Mo Fry Pasic, Moe Yousuf, Neville Elder with Zoe Van Tieghem, Normandy Raven Sherwood, NY Arts and Healthcare Alliance, Nyssa Frank, Olivia Jampol, Panoply Performance Lab, Paris, Peter Longofono, Popra & Keito, Rawaan Alkhatib, Rebecca Posner, Rene Kladzyk, The Representatives, Romulus NYC, Roo Shamim & Kunal Gupta, Sam Corbin, Sam Leigh, Sam Soghor and Ben Gassman, Sarah Emily Kuntz, Sarah Osit, Sean Pollock and Emma Howard, Shapes on Tape, Shelly Carter, Smhoak Mosheein, Sophie Weisskoff, Spencer C. Campbell, Tavish Miller, Tricia MacKenzie, Valerie Kuehne & The Wasps Nests, Vonia Arslanian, William Burke