Vital Joint

Title:Point started Vital Joint in The Silent Barn in 2016, after a very long day of considering what to name our very first space.

Lorissa Rinehart had been running a beautiful gallery in the space below the loft in the North Garage, and had frequently let Title:Point present shows in her space. We had our office in the loft and Brandon Perry’s Deep Cuts Record Store and Barber Shop also shared the space with us. It was an incredible time.

When Lorissa left, Title:Point proposed that we move in to the space and we opened with the very first ?!:New Works. Sadly, the first Sloop Jumbly with Peter Mills Weiss, River Ramirez and Tim Platt was our last show in Silent Barn. But it ruled. Hard.

Less than a month after leaving Silent Barn, Normandy Raven Sherwood reached out asking if we were looking for a new home or if it was too soon. Since we are maniacs and because it was exhausting rebooking all of our shows in venues all over (The Glove, Basement Bar, Hell Phone, Cloud City, Littlefield, Footlight), we jumped at the chance to give Vital Joint a new life.

I took out a credit card and we shook hands. Vital Joint was reborn.

While we were at NACL building Chroma Key, the previous occupants of the space (gamblers) broke back in, cut stuff outta the ceiling and filled our toilet with cement.
Since then, it has been a wild ride of shoveling poo, dismantling game cabinets and vending machines, fixing tech tech tech and, most important – hosting a wide variety of incredibly brilliant and kind artists.

We have had so much glorious mess in the space and we intend to have more.

I will try to create a comprehensive list of all of the artists that have presented… but that may take a good while. Enjoy the photos in the meanwhile!

***During COVID-19 and on the day of Arky Reilly-Downey’s birth, we were unceremoniously told to leave Vital Joint in less than a month. But, FUTURE Vital Joint will rule, I promise you that. The vibe survives. The relationships live on. We love you.***