Voice Over


In 2009, I was directing a play at The Ontological in St. Mark’s Church and managing the basement at The Strand Bookstore. An actor in the show, who was also an excellent audiobook narrator said, “Wait a second… You love books and you direct theater. You should direct audiobooks!”
I said – “Whaaaaaaaaa?! That is a job?!”

Several interviews and a deep dive into learning ProTools later…

2009-2019: DECADE ONE

I have directed and engineered hundreds of audiobooks, including How Music Works, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Water Castle, Leaving the Sea, Following Christopher Creed, Wild Boys and many more.

I have narrated (sometimes under a pseudonym…) hundreds of audiobooks, including The Coal Elf, The Rise of Sturd, Judge’s Girls and many books about dinosaurs.

I have directed and engineered a variety of cartoons, including much of seasons 18 and 19 of Pokemon, as well as the film, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.

I directed and engineered The Winx Club Season 7, World of Winx, Robocar Poli, Denver: The Last Dinosaur, Mily: Miss Questions, The Funny Little Bugs and may other adorable dubs.

I was the voice of Pokemon XYZ‘s Team Flare baddie, Aliana, a few magical beings in The Winx Club and Mrs. Highsmith in Taffy.


I am directing and engineering the award-winning BBC cartoon, BoyGirlDogCatMouseCheese.

I direct and voice numerous audiobooks, commercials and voice overs for theater.

I co-lead a writing residency with Harrison David Rivers and River Donaghey for playwrights writing fiction podcasts called Sound Lab.

I teach voice over at HB Studio and The Brick Theater.


Narration sample from The Coal Elf by Maria Devivo
Narration sample from The Rise of Sturd by Maria Devivo
Narration sample from Judge’s Girls by Sharina Harris


Voice Over for Catches No Flies by Lisa Fagan (Exponential Festival 2020)
Voice Over for OZET’s A Scale Unfamiliar (Past and Future)